Professional Safety Standards Inspection and Certification Services

Appar provides you with excellent inspection and certification services based on a systematic digital management process to ensure that end customers and products meet all the necessary quality and safety certification standards.

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Professional safety and standards inspection and verification services, attentive and ensure to maintain the quality of customer certificates

In the busy industry of verification and certification, efficient information management is the key to success. Appar Technology provides a customized certification case information management system which is the ideal solution for you. By tracking the progress of each certification case, assigning human resources, certificate expiration date management and automatic reminders, the system enables you to provide timely services to your clients and increase their satisfaction and loyalty. With the backing of a powerful and complete information management system, your company can excel in the field of verification and certification, and let Appar Technology work with you to improve work efficiency and provide more professional and better quality services.

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The Benefits of AI for the Safety and Standard Inspection Certification Industry

For company managers
Certificate expiration management automation

Administrators can automatically track the expiration time of each certificate, and the system will notify in advance to avoid expiration of certificates.

Efficiency of audit assignment

When it is necessary to schedule an audit, the system can intelligently recommend the most suitable personnel for the task based on the auditor's geographic location and specialties, significantly saving scheduling time and increasing audit efficiency.

Data Analysis and Reporting

All audit data is recorded and analyzed by the system to generate detailed reports to help management understand the room for improvement in the process.

For End User, Business Owner
Real-time Audit Progress Enquiry

End-users and business owners can check the progress of certificate audits instantly through the platform and no longer need to face uncertain waiting periods.

Simplification of Document Submission and Management

The cloud-based platform makes the payment, organization and access of certificate-related documents more convenient and efficient, and in case of missing documents, confirmation can be made online through messages immediately.

Notifications and Alerts

Through the online customer service system, customers can get professional and fast replies to their questions and receive notifications of pending tasks.

functional planning

Customized Verification Case Information Management System

Case tracking management
Check the progress of each case in real time and make sure that every assignment is completed on time.
Human Resource Allocation Optimization
Automatically assigns tasks based on workload and staff capacity to improve efficiency and ensure the best quality of service for the customers.
Client and Certificate Validity Management
The system will securely and efficiently store and manage customer data, allowing you to better understand, record and serve your customers, as well as proactively track each customer's certificate expiration date and send notifications before the expiration date to provide attentive service.
Instant Messaging
The system has built-in instant messaging tools that allow employees to communicate and collaborate at any time to enhance team efficiency.
Automated Document Generation
The platform automatically generates certificates and other documents and encodes them according to requirements and rules, significantly reducing manual errors and improving efficiency.

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