" Keeping the content of the App up to date is easy with an admin panel. "

In its role as Taiwan's gateway to the world, Taoyuan Airport will offer passengers a better experience by providing modern and intelligent services. By integrating the app with the back-end system, Taoyuan Airport operation managers and duty-free shop operators will have a brand-new way of interacting with airport passengers!


What can Taoyuan International Airport do to serve travelers in an innovative and efficient manner?

At Taoyuan International Airport, passengers arrive and depart daily for business travel, vacations, boarding, homecomings, etc., so that passengers will have a lasting impression of the quality of service provided by the airport with each visit.

Aiming to provide a better service experience in five areas: "navigation", "guide", "information", "diversion" and "shopping", Taoyuan International Airport is moving towards integrating innovative applications and smart fields to create a more comfortable and seamless experience for passengers.

In order to provide each passenger with their own app, they will need to collect various air traffic management data, event details, and foot traffic. An airport's backend management system is essential to obtaining these massive data sets from the field facilities and to ensuring that the right information is provided to each process.


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(IATA:TPE)

Taiwan's busiest airport, Taoyuan International Airport (IATA code: TPE; ICAO code: RCTP) handles over 240,000 flights yearly. Among world cargo hubs, its throughput ranks 7th by 2020. The airport is often ranked at the top of the Skytrax World Airport rankings as well.


With Backend System Integration, information and services are more intelligent

In the backend, admins can:

  • Statistics on app usage
  • Managing terminal navigation (landmark POI point, beacons, restaurants, retailers, airport map)
  • Intelligent customer service
  • Content Management (CMS), including:
    Push notification management for all / specific ethnicities,
    public art,
    exhibition information,
    international travel phrases,
    lost and found service,
    international calls,
    emergency calls,
  • Arrangements for traffic information
  • Manage beacon SDK authorizations

In the backend, duty-free shop operators can:

  • Product management multilingual
  • Discount management


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Smart Taoyuan International Airport was amazing

For back-end development, Appar Technologies uses the Bootstrap framework, which lets different users operate different modules simultaneously.

Operators can see the results of the beacon integration in the airport, and manage the POI points of airport landmarks, making "navigation" easier through the app.

Through the backend, event/lounge information is available, and the chatbot gives an interactive "guide" experience.

Flight changes, pre-boarding reminders, and luggage status are reflected on the backend and sent via push notifications, providing real-time information, achieving the "information" service goal.

At the backend, security check waiting times are calculated and shown on the app, as well as push notifications used in emergency situations to divert personnel and complete the goal of "diversion".

Store managers can provide new product information and exclusive discounts in the backend before travelers walk into the store, allowing them to design a personalized "shopping guide" for travelers!

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