"Bring the education technology to the next level"

The educational solution reduces the burden of teachers in creating exam sheet, administering exams and scoring exams. For students, the traditional exam with pen and paper can be completely replaced by tablet. The handwriting feature allow student to finish the exam with similar experience. But with digital form of exam, it will bring the efficiency of learning to the next level.


How can we transit school to paperless and completely digital environment?

After school, students did a lot of practice to evaluate the learning result. Usually it will include huge amount of paper. After the students have finished their answers, the teacher needs to collect all the papers to correct and score them. The need to decrease the paper usage and free teacher from manually scoring each test, becomes a crucial topic for school.


A private educational institute with over 20 years of experience in Taiwan

Facing the complex challenges of school, such as the decreasing number of new born, frequent adjustments in the examination system, and competition from regional cram school... With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the institute is dedicated to provide students with the best innovative learning experience.


A technological learning environment that innovate for both teachers and students

Teacher management system

  • Importing a collection of questions from Word docx to the questions in database
  • Edit/ insert any single question
  • Selecting the subject, range, difficulty, number of questions, question type, and score, and automatically generating the test paper
  • Schedule exams and papers on the calendar and assign students to them
  • Live updates of statuses of students' exams and submissions during the exam period
  • Automatically score exam papers at the end of the exam period

Student Exam App

  • Take exams without physical location restriction via mobile devices
  • Add custom marks to each question to help clarify the concepts you need to review later
  • Display the counting down of the answer time
  • A system-generated alert will inform you of the number of uncompleted questions when you submit the test
  • When the test time has expired, or you have successfully turned in your exam, you will be notified of your score and results
  • For each question, review the resolution and the video of the teacher's explanation

Student Learning App

  • Review your learning rate through a chart
  • Calculate your rank in the class that just can be viewed by yourself
  • Find out what units you do not understand well by analyzing your testing results


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Student and teacher can focus on the learning itself, rather than the manual and tedious work

Appar has turned after-school studying into more efficient! Teachers can focus on the design and analysis of the test questions. Students can focus on the review of the concepts of the test questions. No more tedious work.


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