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The smart tracker to track your steps, heart rate, calories burned, blood oxygen, intensity minutes, weight, sleep, and so on. Syncing it with the iOS App or Android App via Bluetooth connection, user can easily plan and check your lifestyle through the App.


To reduce maintenance costs of building app for both iOS and Android

Our client have developed apps for iOS and Android users respectively, which double to efforts of future maintenance process. The same new features has to be maintained by two teams simultaneously. Under this circumstance, our client was looking to significantly reduce the cost of future development without affect the existing functions.


Smart Wearable Devices company based in Singapore

Singapore-based smart wearable device manufacturers are not only working with local businesses and communities to help people find health awareness and proper exercise routines through smart wearable devices, but are also participating in government-driven health programs to bring more positive impact to the public.


Using cross-platform framework to revamp the apps for iOS and Android

  • Developed with React Native
  • Products onboarding on app, seven models of smart tracker and a smart scale
  • App collects and visualizes the data from both the smart bracelet and the weight scale
  • Weight scale reveals the body composition like bone mass, muscle mass and body fat
  • Optimize the performance to make apps as smooth as the native ones
  • Reusable code more that 90% for both iOS and Android
  • Develop platform specific features by writing native Objective-C and Java code
  • Tuning performance for database
  • Transit the migrate the existing native architecture/ data model to React Native


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Our client dramatically increased the speed of delivering new features to market.

Using React Native for cross-platform iOS and Android development, with the agile development process. We continuously deliver tested app to our customers, improving our products iteratively. Result in submitting the cross-platform applications to store and release to public.


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