"A scratch-like app to program robot for kids"

"I wish the robot could dance for me" is what the kids wish for - it's no longer a wish, it's just commands for the robot to follow. In the colorful app, stack all the blocks you want the robot to do, press play, and you'll see the robot perform! Not only that, you might also develop an interest in programming during the process of having fun!


While a child is having fun with the robot, why not develop an interest in programming?

Kebbi Robot is an incredibly talented robot. In addition to dancing, teaching English, recognizing sounds, faces and objects around us, it can also perform more surprising tasks with the creativity of the user! In order for children to enjoy interacting with the robot, an app that is intuitive to understand and easy to use is needed...


NUWA Robotics Corp.

The company has developed and designed the most exciting educational companion robot in the market - the Kebbi Robot. Founded in 2016, it is a unique company in the industry with the ability to research, develop and design complete intelligent robotic products. It is committed to introducing intelligent robots into daily life as well as bringing companionship that touches people's hearts.


Colorful, game-like interface and a sense of accomplishment with building blocks

  • Accurate conversion of graphical elements to robot metrics for robot mobility
  • Graphical elements with animation and sound effects
  • Turn on camera privileges and take video to connect to the robot
  • Complete linking of each behavior command and value to the robot
  • Smooth gesture and interaction with logic control block on UI
  • Connect the robot with BLE and WIFI
  • Third-party login (Xiaomi account, Google account)
  • Robot interactive navigation


#Front-end Development
#iOS Development


Delighted to communicate with robots and discover more creativity!

The app was developed according to the UI specs, technical documents, to connect with the robot. Providing young children with a game-like app that encourages creativity and logical thinking is a great idea. Whether on a tablet or a mobile phone, your creativity can always be transformed into instructions, providing unlimited creative possibilities!


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